“I love this restaurant. The food is always excellent and the staff are polite and friendly. I couldn't recommend it enough.”

- Neil Hutson Local Guide -


“Friendly, authentic Korean barbecue with a huge selection of specials and a decent wine list.”

- The List -


"We've had Korean bbq at other restaurants in London but this was by far the best we've had in the UK, we'll definitely be back when we visit Edinburgh next!"

-Zomato -


“Full of tingling gingery goodness, this was an enjoyable, if messy, eat. The beef was soft and packed with good flavour, and the broth was really tasty.”

- The Lunch Quest -


"짬뽕은 한국보다 더 맛있네요. 오랜 여행으로 지쳐있는데 음식으로 심적 위로 받았습니다. 게다가 사장님, 일하는분들 너무 친절했어요 👍🏻 / Their jjamppong is better than ones in Korea. The food gave me emotional comfort while I was tired from a long trip. Additionally, the staff and owner were so friendly.”

- Foursquare -

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Thank you for all the warm and honest reviews. Ong Gie will continue striving to be Edinburgh's favorite Korean restaurant!

따듯하고 정직한 평들 너무 감사합니다. 저희 옹기는 실망 시켜 드리지않고 계속 에든버러의 대표적인 한식당이 되도록 노력하겠습니다!

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